If you want one of the Ten Tables, act fast

Opening two immediately popular restaurants within months of each other earlier this year was apparently not enough for chefs Dustin Staggers and Griffin Paulin of Roux and Rumplings Slurp Shop. Now they are collaborating with Loop 22’s Eric Morris for an exclusive dinner club-style concept called Ten Tables. Continue reading

Jay’s Cafeteria getting new life as business incubator

The glory days of Jay’s Cafeteria are long over. Before it closed six years ago, it was a meeting place for politicians from across the city, families dining after church on Sunday, and those-in-the-know from all over who relished the choices on the long cafeteria bar–fried chicken, rib tips, fried fish, long-cooked greens, several varieties of cobbler. But the fact that the kitchen equipment, including ovens, counters and hood systems, is still in place makes the space at 1800 Muhammad Ali Blvd., ripe for a revival of use. Continue reading


Pamphlet connects locavore eaters with like-minded restaurants

Thirty-three restaurants now make a point of buying locally-raised produce and meat products (and some fish too) for use in their dishes. If locally sourcing your foods matters to you (and it should), a new pamphlet put together by metro government’s Farm to Table program will help connect you to restaurants that share your locavore values. Continue reading


Cork 101: Holiday Picks

For many, the seemingly mundane task of picking out an inexpensive but good wine for a party is fraught with worry. Choosing an extravagant bottle for a special occasion can bring on heart palpitations! How little can we spend and still bring to that big party something that will make us look cool or knowledgeable? If we splurge a bit to impress in-laws, or business clients, how do we know what we choose will be worth the investment?

F&D asked four local knowledgeable wine purveyors to suggest two bottles each that are readily available locally, either for a special gift, or as a reliable value purchase (under $20) suitable for holiday imbibing. We suggested a limit of about $50 for the splurge bottle, but one of two of our experts went a little above that, and gave good reasons. Continue reading


Upcoming special dinners at Cena

Cena, the luxe Italian restaurant on the lower floor of the building that houses the rambunctious Mussels and Burger Bar at 9200 Taylorsville Rd, has several special meals this holiday season, some, like the “La Vigilia” seafood dinner, reflecting the ethnic themes of the restaurant, and another, re-imagining modern Cuban cuisine. Continue reading


UK to offer certification in wine, beer and booze

 As soon as it can receive the approval of the college’s undergraduate curriculum council and final approval from the university, the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment is planning to offer an undergraduate certificate in distillation, wine and brewing studies.

Under the proposal, the college will offer the certification to students in any major who complete at least four of the classes, including spirit chemistry taught by chemistry professor Bert Lynn, and wine, brewing and distillation science taught by Seth DeBolt. Continue reading


Taco Punk to serve weekends at Bank Street Brewhouse

You just can’t keep a good taco guy down. Taco Punk, which began as a food truck, and then settled down for a short but intense stay in NuLu before shuttering its doors a few months ago, has found new, if truncated life, in New Albany.  Continue reading


Pam Tillis dinner show highlights holidays at the Galt House

Friday Dec.12, 6:30-9 p.m. country music star Pam Tillis will highlight her month-long show tour at the Galt House Hotel and Suites, 140 N. Fourth St. with a Giant Office Party dinner and show. The event, priced at $67, will include 2 drink tickets, a 3-course holiday dinner, the Pam Tillis and Friends Holiday Dinner Show, and a meet-and-greet with Tillis. Continue reading


Even more restaurant openings on the horizon

Expansion of a local chain, and new ventures by established companies mean someone is looking toward a bright future for increased dining dollars. Wild Eggs is expanding in  Lexington, Dragon Kings Daughter is opening a bar in Germantown, and the ambitious folk behind Doc Crow’s and La Coop are scoping out the riverfront as the next big thing. Continue reading

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