Lovers of very chewy dried meat rejoice: Jerky Outlet opens in East End

Even in my younger years, when I was an avid hiker in the White Mountains, and needed a source of long-lasting, easy-to-carry-for-days-in-a-backpack protein, I never really took to jerky. But I seem to be in a minority, for jerky seems to be having a moment of cultural resurgence. The case in point: the opening of Jerky Outlet at t 9850 Von Allmen Court (near Cabela’s at Brownsboro Crossing). Continue reading

Table sandwich

“Pay what you can” restaurant opens in Portland

The Table, 1800 Portland Ave., is Louisville’s addition to a restaurant trend popping up in communities across the country. The Table allows customers to “pay what they can,” a community effort to feed those in need, and to allow those who can to help in doing so by paying as much as they can. Continue reading


Butchertown Grocery opens tonight

After a long soft opening weekend, and a few days of recovering, reassessing and polishing up odds and ends, Bobby Benjamin’s newest restaurant concept, Butchertown Grocery, will open to paying customers for lunch and dinner today. Tomorrow, he will serve a special thanksgiving meal, and then it is off to the races. Since we were among those invited over for the soft opening tryout, it is appropriate to say a few things about the thoroughly enjoyable experience last Friday night. Continue reading

Norton C

Newest Martinez restaurant slated for December opening

Mercato Italiano will be the name of the newest addition to the Ole Restaurant Group portfolio when it opens later this year in Norton Commons. The casual Italian restaurant and Italian food market will be at 10640 Meeting St., in the space that most recently had been Scotty’s Market. Continue reading


Murder Mystery Dinner at Evan Williams Speakeasy

A crime will be committed at The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience’s Speakeasy, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 21 and Sunday, Nov. 22, and the audience will be engaged with solving the mystery. The Evan Williams Murder Experience is a half-scripted and half-improvised show, which features live actors alongside the audience. As the mystery unfolds, a murder occurs and the audience must figure out “whodunnit.” Continue reading


Is tipping for restaurant service fading away?

Recent news reports of Joe’s Crab Shack’s doing away with the tipping of servers has brought this new trend to local attention (Although the central office of the Joe’s Crab Shack national chain has announced the policy, it is currently affecting only 18 units of the chain in a pilot project, and not yet the one on the Louisville riverfront.)

To facilitate this restaurant revolution on both the customers’ and the servers’ ends, Joe’s is doing away with a tipping line on their credit card receipts, and increasing servers’ pay to $14 an hour. To balance out the pay increase, Joe’s Crab Shack says it will increase the price of its menu items by 12 to 15 percent. Continue reading

Artist rendition of Hubble

Lilly’s celebrates the stars; Proof celebrates the pig

Two special meals Thursday, Nov. 19 will celebrate the gamut of life, from the manifold delights of the lowly pig, to the manifold wonders of the starry universe. Lilly’s, 1147 Bardstown Rd., will honor the birthday of Edwin Hubble, the great astronomer (and namesake of the Hubble telescope), who lived in the Highlands and briefly taught Spanish, math and science at New Albany High School, before he went on to discover the red shift of distant stars, which lead to the present understanding of an apparently expanding universe. Proof on Main, 702 W. Main St., will host their annual Hog and Barrel dinner that night too, in honor of pigs and bourbon – what you need to ground yourself after gazing into the far reaches of the heavens and contemplating the expansion of the universe. Continue reading

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