$10 Challenge — Annie’s Cafe: Vietnamese restaurants warm welcome

“It’s hard to find a place where everybody knows your name when you’re a vagabond.”

I’ve lived in seven different cities since I graduated from high school. By the time I became familiar with my surroundings in one place, it would be time to load up the Mercury Tracer and set up house in a new neighborhood in a new apartment with a new roommate. No time to become a regular at a local neighborhood restaurant or bar. But my life has changed in the past few months. Continue reading $10 Challenge — Annie’s Cafe: Vietnamese restaurants warm welcome

When celebrity chefs don’t deliver

Restaurant fanatics are all abuzz of late over New York Times dining critic, Pete Wells’ torturous review of celeb-chef Guy Fieri’s new restaurant in Times Square.

If you haven’t read the review, it’s definitely interesting. But just as interesting is Wall Street Journal contributor Charles Passy’s question of whether Fieri’s fumble may signal the end of the celebrity chef. Continue reading When celebrity chefs don’t deliver

Home for the Holidays

Holidays can be stressful. End-of-year entertaining can present special challenges that don’t plague your average host during less hectic seasons.

With the never-ending parade of office celebrations, neighborhood gatherings and family functions, holiday parties often seem more of a chore than a pleasure – to both host and invitee alike. Continue reading Home for the Holidays

Asiatique lands 4-star review from CJ

A sample from the four-star write-up given Asiatique by Courier-Journal critic Marty Rosen:

“A few weeks ago, Asiatique unveiled a new seasonal menu — one full of startling pleasures that feed the eye and mind as well as the palate. Let’s cut to the chase: If you’re interested in seeing how Looi weds his homeland’s traditional flavors with American tastes, you might order his Angus rib-eye, served rendang-style.”

We’ve had some new menu samples too, and we’re equally impressed. Click to read the article…

Twelve Ales of Christmas beer tour begins

Buckhead Mountain Grill in Jeffersonville (707 W. Riverside Drive) is hosting a kick-off party for their 12 Ales of Christmas Beer Tour on Dec. 12

The event includes a special tapping of Stone’s 12.12.12 Vertical Epic Ale, Stone 11.11.11 Vertical Epic, Stone’s Double Bastard, a vintage Delirium Noel 2011 and the first beer of the tour, Schlafly Christmas Ale. Continue reading Twelve Ales of Christmas beer tour begins

North End Café launches Brunch Happy Hour and Bloody Mary Bar

Wake up the weekend with North End Café’s Bloody Mary Bar and Happy Hour

Available for brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. For $7 per person, patrons can indulge their inner bartender at the Bloody Mary Bar which features an assortment of juices, seasonings, garnishes and hot sauces. Happy Hour beverage specials are also available and include items like $4 mimosas and Bloody Marys and $3 brunch cocktails. Continue reading North End Café launches Brunch Happy Hour and Bloody Mary Bar

Investor reveals the madness behind Mozzaria meltdown

As of tomorrow night, Mozzaria will no longer exist.

It’s being shut down, rebranded under the name Quattro and reopened in early January as a contemporary Italian restaurant.

In this Insider Louisville feature, Pallas Partners’ CEO Matt Saltzman talks about how his group never wanted to be restaurant owners, but now Mozzaria’s founding chef, Matthew Antonovich, forced them to step in a rescue the restaurant from eviction. It’s a cautionary tale any restaurant investor should read. Plus, it’s full of interesting backstories detailing what savage businesses restaurants can be. The rest of the article is here…


So why shouldn’t veggies glow in the dark?

It is no secret that guys avoid eating fruits and vegetables whenever possible. And who can blame them?

Frankly, eating produce can be extremely dangerous. Nature has spent millions of years equipping her plants with horrifying ways of protecting themselves from animals seeking a snack. Since modern humans have only been around for 150,000 years or so, plants have the home-court advantage when it comes to self-defense. Continue reading So why shouldn’t veggies glow in the dark?

New restaurant headed to Lexington Rd.

Hammerheads’ owners to open new restaurant on Lexington Road in 2013

If you’re a big fan of what Hammerheads has done with brisket, pork belly, duck, elk and venison – as many Louisvillians clearly are – you’ll rejoice at the news that the owners will soon open up a second location.

Game will slip into the space at 2295 Lexington Rd. — between August Moon and Jim Porter’s, across the street from KT’s — some time around the first of the year 2013.