From Good to Great — Anchorage Cafe spreads its creative wings

Something from here, and a bit from there, falls nicely into place at the Anchorage Café — an upscale (or is it traditional?) coffee shop in the heart of “downtown” Anchorage.

A creation of Bruce Lake and his wife Courtney, the Anchorage Café began two Derbies ago as an espresso bar with a little lunchtime fare — and some darned good coffee. The coffee’s still terrific, but the café soon added breakfast, and now light dinners are served out on the terrace under the stars. Continue reading From Good to Great — Anchorage Cafe spreads its creative wings

Why Lynn’s Paradise Café disappeared in a flash

The story that won’t die.

Since Lynn’s Paradise Café made headlines—first for its mandate that servers bring $100 to work to ensure assistants were tipped in cash, second for a server being fired for not following said mandate, and third for closing abruptly last week—every local restaurant media outlet and/or reporter has fielded some zillion calls … Continue reading Why Lynn’s Paradise Café disappeared in a flash

Tough Love For Lager

It was the summer of 1985, and my very first time in Germany, with exact whereabouts in the Alpine foothills of Bavaria lost to posterity, but the specific scene is still quite clear:

A small town train station buffet of the old-fashioned variety, sparse and efficient, framed in glass, wood and stainless steel. Thirty-odd minutes remained until the next train, so I did what any commuter would do and ordered a draft beer to accompany my sausage.
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6 White Wines Under $12

Vintage when used to refer to the quality of a particular year is always a source of debate and, ultimately, subjectivity.

Often, too much is said about vintage, especially when it comes to value white wines. The single most important thing about vintage in a value white wine is youth! One should never even consider buying a value white wine that is more than 3 years old. Continue reading 6 White Wines Under $12

Southern Living relaunches Tastiest Town contest

… and we aren’t voting.

You’d be hard pressed to find many people who love Louisville’s restaurants more than us. Telling the masses about the places where incredible food is created and served daily in this town is want we love to do. But getting involved in a reader voting binge like Southern Living magazine’s South’s Tastiest Town contest last year is something we’ll never do again.
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Chef John Varanese named in Best Chefs America book

Chef John Varanese, of Varanese Restaurant, has been honored as one of the country’s top culinary talents in the premier edition of Best Chefs America.

This is the first-ever industry peer review of U.S. chefs chosen as a result of extensive interviews between fellow chefs and Best Chefs America analysts. Chef Varanese will be showcased in an informative and exquisitely produced, 386-page coffee table book that will be available for sale on March 1, 2013. Continue reading Chef John Varanese named in Best Chefs America book