Upcoming special dinners of note

For those knowing souls who keep a lookout for the delights of special dinners offered by local restaurants, a couple of notable such events are on the horizon. On tap in the coming weeks are a tomato tapas dinner at Seviche, a wine dinner at Brasserie Provence focused on the cuisine of Burgundy, and a small batch Rye whiskey dinner at Varanese. Continue reading Upcoming special dinners of note

Cork 101— What wines are undervalued?

[Originally published in the F&D Fall 2015 issue]

Our challenge this issue for our wine guys was to select wines that they thought were “undervalued.” That turned out to be an ambiguous term, or one that has wide latitude for those in the wine biz. Some chose inexpensive wines–well under $20–that deliver tastes and textures more commonly found in more premium-priced wines. Others chose wines most casual drinkers would term pricey, but to our experts show characteristics of even more upscale wines–sometimes rivaling in taste pleasures that exceed those of wines costing twice as much. Continue reading Cork 101— What wines are undervalued?

“Lou’s Brews” bike ride celebrates local beer making

Mayor Greg Fischer has begun touting Louisville’s growing craft brewing presence, wanting to make the local beer scene as visitor friendly as is the Urban Bourbon Trail. To that end, he has commissioned “Lou’s Brews,” an on-line guide that locates the breweries in the city and Southern Indiana  and on Saturday, Aug. 29, the mayor is hosting a “Lou’s Brews” bike ride, leaving Great Flood Brewing, 2120 Bardstown Road at 10 a.m. for a brewery “crawl” stopping at five local breweries for tours of the facilities, and talks brewers. Wee tastings will also be provided. Continue reading “Lou’s Brews” bike ride celebrates local beer making

Get free chicken for a year at Joella’s Hot Chicken!

There is a catch, of course. You have to be among the first 100 customers (18 years old minimum) to stream through the doors of Tony Palombino’s latest restaurant concept when it opens Tuesday, Sept. 1 at 3400 Frankfort Ave., the former location of Palombino’s Boombozz Taphouse.
Continue reading Get free chicken for a year at Joella’s Hot Chicken!

Milkwood starts “Young Chef Pop Up Series”

Friday, Aug. 28, MilkWood, 316 W. Main St. will offer the first in a new series of Pop-up Dinners to be prepared by up-and-coming young chefs from the region.  The first of this group will be Ryan Santos, who has been making a name for himself in Cincinnati, where he has been running pop-up dinners called Please.  Continue reading Milkwood starts “Young Chef Pop Up Series”

Copper & Kings takes a stab at making gin

Brandy distillery Copper & Kings, 1121 E. Washington St., likes to experiment a bit, and allows their distillers Brandon O’Daniel and Alan Bishop to try out different ideas. One of those experimental ideas has resulted in a gin that was so successful that the distillery is bottling the small batch, and throwing a launch party at the Butchertown distillery Friday, Aug. 28 at 7 p.m.

“You can have so much fun distilling, it’s a very creative platform upon which to innovate,” said founder Joe Heron in a press release. “Gin is not really our thing, truthfully. But we have experimented occasionally, and this turned out really fantastically. And is also very unusual for a gin, in terms of cloudy appearance and creamy mouth-feel.”

The gin, to be sold as “Stray Cat” Serbian juniper barrel aged gin, was double distilled in a Vendome copper pot still, from an apple brandy-based spirit infused with “classic gin botanicals” and aged in a medium-char Serbian juniper barrel for 12 months, giving it, according to the distillery, “the aroma of fresh cut spruce with juniper and citrus,” and the taste of a “strong juniper backbone with bright citrus, lemongrass and baking soda.”

At the launch party O’Daniel and Bishop will discuss the specifics of how they went about distilling and barrel aging their small batch gin.

Only 750 375-ml bottles  will be produced and sold at the distillery store for ($40), with a small number going to bars and liquor stores. The label was designed by Louisville artist Douglas Miller, who will be present at the launch to sign bottles.

Also in the press release, distiller O’Daniel justified his experiment. “We don’t dabble at distilling,” he said. “For us to release a gin, it needed to be exceptional, something that reflects what we do with our American brandy and absinthe, something unique that we can be very, very proud of. “This is spectacular. It’s a ballsy, confident, independent feline of a gin.”


$10 Challenge— Toonerville Deli

I had never eaten a Reuben before I visited Toonerville Deli. As a kid, this type of sandwich intimidated me. Maybe the flavors were too complex for my naïve palate. I wasn’t stuck on chicken fingers and French fries like some other youngsters, but what kid wants smelly sauerkraut on their sandwich? Not me. Continue reading $10 Challenge— Toonerville Deli