Cooking with Ron— Corn

Although the focus of this issue is Bourbon, it is important to know that corn has other uses besides forming the backbone of a Bourbon’s mash bill. In fact, of all the agricultural benefits ensuing from the European conquest of the Americas – the so-called Columbian Exchange – the most universally successful has been corn. While it is hard to imagine the cuisine of southern Italy, say, without the tomato, or that of India or Thailand without the chile pepper, or half the economy of Switzerland or Belgium without chocolate (all New World foods unknown elsewhere before 1500), corn – or more properly maize – was the most quickly accepted and adapted worldwide. Before the end of the 16th century, corn was a staple crop of central Africa (brought by the Portuguese from Brazil), increasingly grown in India and China and making headway into European cuisines, most eagerly in Italy, where corn meal replaced millet in the cooked mush that gourmets now relish as polenta. Continue reading Cooking with Ron— Corn

Fontleroy’s is now formally closed

Fontleroy’s, the much-ballyhooed and now short-lived contemporary bistro at 2011 Grinstead Dr. is officially closed. The space that Chef Allan Rosenberg radically renovated from the Uncle Maddio’s pizza chain outlet that was the first occupant of the address will be taken over now by Chef Dallas McGarity for his The Fat Lamb, which he hopes to open by the first of November. Continue reading Fontleroy’s is now formally closed

Red Hog Butcher shop now open; café to follow soon

Fans of Bobby Hancock, co-owner with his wife Kit Garrett of Blue Dog Bakery and Café, have been waiting a long time for Hancock to open his long-promised whole-animal butcher shop, which has finally opened at 2622 Frankfort Ave. Hancock and his partners Jay Denham and Duncan Paynter have started selling dry-aged beef, charcuterie (salamis, sausages of various types) and rotisserie chicken, along with Blue Dog breads and sandwiches. Continue reading Red Hog Butcher shop now open; café to follow soon

Roux now closed

Roux, the Highlands restaurant started by chef and restaurateur Dustin Staggers that served New Orleans-style food, has closed, as of last Sunday, as reported in Insider Louisville

Roux, 1325 Bardstown Rd., is the last of the restaurant concepts the Staggers has tried out in the last few years. He also briefly ran Rumplings and Epic Sammich Co., on Highland Ave, and America. The Diner. on Baxter Ave. He closed both within the last year.

Staggers made a name for himself as the chef at The Monkey Wrench, and then went out on his own, with a series of ventures, including Ten Tables, a pop-up fine dining concept that he ran with Griffin Paulin and others.

The Insider Louisville story refers to a podcast on Paulin’s blog site Kitchen Banter , on which Staggers talks about his career in restaurants, his pride in what he has accomplished, and his decision to take it easy for a while. He does not have any restaurant plans for the near future.

Bourbon Blind tasting offers prize for discriminating palate

Thursday, Sept. 29 at 7 p.m., Bourbon aficionados can prove their mettle by identifying four different Bourbons by taste and aroma alone at the Stave & Thief Society’s “Bourbon Blind” tasting. The event will be held at the Still, at the Four Points by Sheraton, 2850 Crittenden Dr. Continue reading Bourbon Blind tasting offers prize for discriminating palate

D. Nalley’s to be reborn as Jay’s BBQ

When D. Nalley’s, the little diner that time forgot at 970 S. Third St. in Old Louisville closed earlier this year, Jay Shreve saw, at last, his opportunity to bring to fruition his long-time dream: to open a really good little barbecue restaurant. If all goes well, he hopes to open Jay’s BBQ by early November. Continue reading D. Nalley’s to be reborn as Jay’s BBQ

Bar Vetti to be restaurant at renovated 800

The iconic 800 Building at 800 S. Fourth St., under renovation to become the 800 Tower City Apartments after several years of creeping desuetude, will also have an Italian restaurant, to be called Bar Vetti. It will be operated by Ryan Rogers of Feast BBQ and Royals Hot Chicken and his partner, Andrew McCabe, who is currently the chef at Royals. Continue reading Bar Vetti to be restaurant at renovated 800

Easy Entertaining— Cooking with Bourbon

With the growing emphasis on using local ingredients whenever possible in cooking, it is only natural that restaurant chefs would experiment with uses for Bourbon, a local product with a long and storied history in Kentucky. As Jess Inman, chef at Equus, said, “We might as well embrace what is around us.”

F&D invited Inman, Shawn Ward of Ward 426, and Dean Corbett of Equus and Corbett’s: An American Place to put together a party menu that highlighted the flavor potentials in cooking with Bourbon. And Tim and I added a rich Bourbon-enhanced dessert alongside a seasonal Maple Manhattan cocktail, which plays nicely with flavors born of the charred oak barrel. Continue reading Easy Entertaining— Cooking with Bourbon

Celebrate the end of summer at Bistro 1860 Garden Party

The theme of September’s Garden Party at Bistro 1860, 1765 Mellwood Ave., is Soy, but Not your Grandfather’s soy. There will be live music in the attractive garden at the corner of Mellwood and Frankfort Ave., on Thursday, Sept. 22, beginning at 7 p.m. Continue reading Celebrate the end of summer at Bistro 1860 Garden Party