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At Food & Dining we are often asked: “What is your favorite dish?”

We have the pleasure of covering one of the most robust restaurant cities in all of America with more than 1,200 restaurants at last count. It’s like asking Mother Goose’s “the old woman in a shoe” who her favorite child is.

We decided to focus on four dishes that everyone eats at least occasionally, and almost everyone has an opinion about. Not fancy preparations or exotic ingredients, but those standard dishes we can all relate to, and debate about: a good bar burger, chicken wings, a fried fish sandwich and a Hot Brown.

The Food & Dining staff got together, tossed around their ideas and, after some lively debate, came up with our choices for these four dishes. Let’s see how they stack up against your list. Continue reading STAFF PICKS

50 ISSUES of Comings & Goings

[Originally Published in the Winter 2015 issue of Food & Dining Magazine.]

This is Food & Dining’s 50th issue, an occasion we saw fitting to review what has transpired in the dozen or so years this magazine has chronicled restaurants in Louisville and its immediate environs. Those years have seen a time of surging interest in food and drink, and how both are made and prepared. Continue reading 50 ISSUES of Comings & Goings

What’s going on in Louisville Restaurant Scene? Here’s our Quarterly ‘Openings & Closings’ recap.

[Originally published in F&D Summer 15 issue]

It has been a vibrant and verdant spring around the area, and a fertile season for restaurants as well. This past quarter saw the emergence of 29 new restaurants, and the closing of only 16, almost twice as many openings as closings. For the restaurants biz, that certainly is a good start to the year.

Last issue we reported on the opening of several new high-end restaurants–Ward 426, 8UP, Mesh. Of the two dozen plus new businesses we have to list here only Continue reading What’s going on in Louisville Restaurant Scene? Here’s our Quarterly ‘Openings & Closings’ recap.

Why Bison?

From ancient forests and savannahs of Kentucky comes a native food that helps define our local cuisine as naturally delicious.

There was a blip on the culinary radar a decade or so ago, when chefs became enamored of exotic meats, particularly ostrich, which was purported to be lean and crammed with protein. It tasted OK, but it was somewhat removed from its terroir, as it were. Even if the birds were raised in Southern Indiana, it didn’t feel like they belonged on our menus. Continue reading Why Bison?

Buckhead hosting dinner featuring local beers and foods March 18.

Kudos to Tisha Michelle Gainey for the hard work she and the brew-focused crews at Buckhead Mountain Grill (Bardstown Road and Jeffersonville, Ind.) and Rocky’s Sub Pub put into elevating the status and availability of local beer at restaurants. Her team has done a nice job on special events and dinners centered on beer, which never gets the plate-side respect given wine and bourbon. Continue reading Buckhead hosting dinner featuring local beers and foods March 18.

The Comfy Cow is moooving on to franchising

Looks like The Comfy Cow ice cream and dessert company could soon add a new item to its menu: franchise opportunities.

The three-unit concept has been a hit since opening in 2009, and along the way it has attracted the attention of at least one well-heeled restaurant veteran who sees its potential as a regional, and potentially national, concept. Continue reading The Comfy Cow is moooving on to franchising