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Current changes in the Louisville Restaurant scene.

Coming & Goings

Well, the restaurant growth in the Louisville area continues apace. Since the last issue in August, Food & Dining this issue is adding 33 new restaurants to its listings, a dozen of which are additional outlets of existing businesses. Only 15 restaurants have closed, or have announced that they will do so; three of those closings are businesses that are folding one of multiple locations. So, polish up those charge cards and get ready to try some new dining spots. Continue reading Coming & Goings

Comings & Goings

In this issue we list the arrival of two dozen new restaurants, the expansion of 10 more established businesses into one or more additional locations, and the return to business of two restaurants closed for several months to recover from fires. Against those numbers we note the closing of just 17 restaurants — and several of those locations have already been taken over by the new kids on the block.

Is this 2-to-1 ratio of growth sustainable? We already hear rumblings about the difficulty of staffing of new restaurants in general, much less with experienced help. But Louisvillians continue to find dining out an enjoyable entertainment option, and new concepts continue entering the market. As they say, let the good times roll. Continue reading Comings & Goings

Comings & Goings

When I finished the 12-year review of restaurants that had opened and closed during the first 50-issue run of Food & Dining for the previous issue, I heaved a sigh of relief and thought that we were caught up, and that the next stab at that feature would be easy. Well, that certainly was not the case. The vigor of the restaurant business continues unabated, with 20 new businesses already opened or set to open in the next few months, and eight other additions to chains, local and otherwise, added in the last three months. Twelve restaurants have closed since we last took count, two others with multiple outlets closed one of them and four others have closed for the time being due to fire damage or remodeling. Those total numbers are fairly consistent with the churn reported in recent issues, with the numbers favoring growth overall. Since Louisville has made a couple of different “Best Food Cities” lists in recent weeks, it is a relief to note that the trend in this tricky and uncertain business continues to be positive.
Continue reading Comings & Goings

50 ISSUES of Comings & Goings

[Originally Published in the Winter 2015 issue of Food & Dining Magazine.]

This is Food & Dining’s 50th issue, an occasion we saw fitting to review what has transpired in the dozen or so years this magazine has chronicled restaurants in Louisville and its immediate environs. Those years have seen a time of surging interest in food and drink, and how both are made and prepared. Continue reading 50 ISSUES of Comings & Goings

Here’s our Quarterly “Openings & Closings” recap

[Originally published in the F&D Fall 2015 issue] This past spring and early summer have seen a flowering of restaurant ambitions here in the river city. In that time, sixteen new restaurants have opened their doors, and nine existing restaurants have opened additional outlets around town.

But equally significant is the fact that between this issue and our winter issue in October, six more new restaurants are scheduled to open, and four more additional branches of established businesses are in the works, most looking to start serving by the end of August. That all adds up to 35 additions to our listings.

Sixteen restaurants that were in those listings last issue are now gone, a few of which had regrettably short runs. Three other multi-location businesses closed one outlet; each of those still have two locations each. Continue reading Here’s our Quarterly “Openings & Closings” recap

What’s going on in Louisville Restaurant Scene? Here’s our Quarterly ‘Openings & Closings’ recap.

[Originally published in F&D Summer 15 issue]

It has been a vibrant and verdant spring around the area, and a fertile season for restaurants as well. This past quarter saw the emergence of 29 new restaurants, and the closing of only 16, almost twice as many openings as closings. For the restaurants biz, that certainly is a good start to the year.

Last issue we reported on the opening of several new high-end restaurants–Ward 426, 8UP, Mesh. Of the two dozen plus new businesses we have to list here only Continue reading What’s going on in Louisville Restaurant Scene? Here’s our Quarterly ‘Openings & Closings’ recap.

Comings and Goings – Spring 2015

In nature, the winter months are a time of rest — animals hibernate, plants shut down growth and conserve their energies for spring. In the Louisville restaurant world, though, there was as much activity in the last three months as there has been all year — no hibernating or tamping down of energies here.

The numbers alone reveal the extent of the activity. Since the last issue of F&D, we have seen 17 new restaurants debut, seven existing businesses open additional locations and six existing restaurants change either their locations or their menu focus. Continue reading Comings and Goings – Spring 2015

Comings & Goings Winter 2014

The restaurant biz, everyone says, is a chancy one, fraught with big uncertainties (Can the market support another one of us? Is our style of food, or ambiance, on the money, or past its prime? Will this location draw customers? Will the economic outlook, nationally and locally, encourage people to go out to eat?) and everyday challenges (Can we find a staff that will show up on time and create and serve a product that will draw people back? Will costs remain stable enough to plan ahead? Can I actually print a menu without typos?).

Yet, Louisville chefs and restaurateurs continue to find the courage to start out or to expand. In the last three months or so, 18 new restaurants have opened or are about to, and seven others have added, or are planning, an additional location. In that same time, 17 restaurants have closed, and three others with multiple outlets have closed one but remain in business at other locations.

By the numbers, that is 25 openings and 20 closings, total. But eight of the spaces that lost a business have quickly found new occupants, ready to try to beat the odds again. Continue reading Comings & Goings Winter 2014

Restaurant Comings & Goings – Fall 2014

A recent vacation road trip to the East Cost and back unreeled one green vista after another — the Bluegrass, West Virginia’s forested mountains, the rolling lush fields and tree-covered hills of the Southern Tier across lower New York State, and thick, billowing stands of corn in Ohio and Indiana. Where we traveled, the country looked healthy, robust, full of vitality.

As does the restaurant scene in the Louisville Metro area. Just the numbers suggest a quarterly surge of restaurant business optimism. Twenty-five new restaurants have opened or soon will open in Louisville and Southern Indiana, and three other businesses have added new locations since the last issue of F&D. By comparison, 15 restaurants that have closed during that time, and three multiunit brands closed one location. So, after a cold, challenging winter for eateries, the pleasantly mild weather seems to have brought new energies. Continue reading Restaurant Comings & Goings – Fall 2014