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Easy Entertaining — Farmers’ Market Inspired Elegant but Easy Summer Party

[Originally published in the Fall 2017 issue of Food & Dining Magazine]

We like what late summer here in the Ohio Valley provides us for parties — long, lazy afternoons and evenings; patios and decks ideal for grilling and eating al fresco; sitting in the dark listening to the crickets. And, of course, the bounty at the farmers markets’ that provide the freshest foods to feed guests. Continue reading Easy Entertaining — Farmers’ Market Inspired Elegant but Easy Summer Party

Easy Entertaining—Tailgating in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Tailgating is always a fun occasion to get friends together to cheer on your favorite teams. In the winter months football is still in season with the Big Game coming in February, and basketball is just getting started. We thought we’d invite some of our favorite chefs over to share what they like to serve when they’re “homegating.”

Continue reading Easy Entertaining—Tailgating in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Easy Entertaining— Cooking with Bourbon

With the growing emphasis on using local ingredients whenever possible in cooking, it is only natural that restaurant chefs would experiment with uses for Bourbon, a local product with a long and storied history in Kentucky. As Jess Inman, chef at Equus, said, “We might as well embrace what is around us.”

F&D invited Inman, Shawn Ward of Ward 426, and Dean Corbett of Equus and Corbett’s: An American Place to put together a party menu that highlighted the flavor potentials in cooking with Bourbon. And Tim and I added a rich Bourbon-enhanced dessert alongside a seasonal Maple Manhattan cocktail, which plays nicely with flavors born of the charred oak barrel. Continue reading Easy Entertaining— Cooking with Bourbon

Easy Entertaining— Grilling Outside the Box


We love the grilling season, which we extend beyond the summer into a year-round cooking experience. But for most, summer is the time to break out the grill. No matter whether you are a traditional charcoal griller or a fan of the quick-starting gas grill, a balmy summer evening is the best time to be outside enjoying a cocktail and savoring the aroma as the food begins to cook. Continue reading Easy Entertaining— Grilling Outside the Box

Cajun Crawfish Boil…Made Easy

Up here, north of Bayou Country, Cajun food is party food, the mark of a celebration that includes spicy sausage and seafood, rice and okra, catfish, gumbo, maque choux…

And the epitome of Cajun party food is the crawfish boil.

Interestingly, crawfish boils resemble the traditional New England lobster dinner. French settlers of the Canadian Maritime Provinces (known as Acadians), assimilated many culinary elements of the Northeast into their own cuisine before moving south to flee British hegemony over Canada in the 1700s. Continue reading Cajun Crawfish Boil…Made Easy

Easy Entertaining — Celebration Dishes

Originally published in the Winter 2015 issue of Food & Dining Magazine.

The holidays call for celebratory dishes, special occasion favorite foods which evoke wonderful sights and aromas when getting together with family and friends. Everyone has a special occasion or “favorite foods” that bring back the memories of past gatherings and happy times. Food & Dining invited some well-known local chefs from a variety of backgrounds to come to our house to share some of their favorite celebratory dishes. Continue reading Easy Entertaining — Celebration Dishes

Easy Entertaining: Celebrate With Chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Or holidays? Well we have a reason to celebrate then because there are no less than 42 official Chocolate Holidays during the year. And the winter season has a few good ones that have inspired in us some party ideas.

December 16 was National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day, and December 28 is simply National Chocolate Day. In January, the 17th is National Ditch Your Resolutions Day, an occasion that just cries out for a chocolate binge, and January 27 is National Chocolate Cake Day, so you can binge again. Continue reading Easy Entertaining: Celebrate With Chocolate

Easy Entertaining: Honey

September is National Honey Month, which is as good hook as any for a timely story, but also a good opportunity to remind ourselves of what a remarkable food honey is all year round. Honey sustains bees in their hive, one of the world’s most efficient manufacturing facilities. The 40 to 60,000 bees in a beehive may collectively travel as far as 55,000 miles and visit more than two million flowers to gather enough nectar to make just one pound of honey.

In shopping for these recipes we easily found an array of locally produced honey which in addition to being delicious is also a healthful food (see sidebar). Give thanks to the bee and get buzzing with these easy and buzz-worthy food and drink recipes made with one of nature’s best natural sweeteners. Continue reading Easy Entertaining: Honey