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Our resident coffee and tea expert David Lange offers interesting and insightful columns about the wonderful bean & leaf

North Lime Donuts and Coffee Opens To Eager Crowd

Lexington born North Lime Coffee and Donuts opened their Louisville location yesterday at 1228 South Seventh St to a hungry crowd. Early photos showed lines extending out the door despite the rain. As a matter of fact, (as you can see from the featured photo) they were so busy, they had to sell some of the sample donuts to keep up.

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Sweet Tea — the House Wine of the South

It starts making its appearance as you cross that mythical, yet definitive boundary that is the acclaimed Gateway to the South — the Mason-Dixon line.

It is found in the land where the term “y’all” permeates in every conversation, where Alabama and Georgia football games are considered national holidays, and where honey is the only thing that can accompany butter on biscuits. You have encountered the house wine of the south, sweet tea. Continue reading Sweet Tea — the House Wine of the South

Tips for Better Coffee at Home.

We’ve all had that magical moment when at a coffeehouse, a neighborhood diner, or an upscale restaurant, you tipped up your coffee cup and were introduced to that very special memory of coffee that made a difference.

The “ah’s” were genuine, sip after sip, but that lingering question still was a menace.  “Why can’t I make this at home?”  “Why doesn’t my coffee at home taste like what I get at a coffeehouse or restaurant?” “ Do I need some special brewing contraption or a PHD in brew-ology?”  Not at all, just some simple guidelines that will produce that memorable cup. Continue reading Tips for Better Coffee at Home.

Coffee & Spirits

As summer approaches and with it the heat and humidity starts climbing, everyone looks for ways to stay cool and still enjoy the increased entertainment and festivities that warmer temperatures bring.

Cocktails have become more and more creative, and I thought I could introduce coffee to some summertime libations. Before undertaking this project, I knew that I would need a “cocktail expert” to guide me through the various levels of cocktails that could be introduced. I could think of no one more qualified than my good friend and fellow columnist, Tim Laird, the CEO (that’s the “Chief Entertainment Officer”) for Brown-Forman, who knows his way around the cocktail realm. We both have a true passion, Tim for creating imaginative cocktails and me for fantastic coffee. Continue reading Coffee & Spirits