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Photos in New Omni Hotel – Hotel, Restaurants, Market and Bars Now Open

The Omni Hotel in Louisville opened last week and is now hosting guests, but it’s more than a hotel.  It’s a destination for locals as well, with various restaurants or bars to choose from in addition to Falls City Market: a marketplace with a Heine Brothers coffee shop, groceries, gifts, a florist, a liquor store, barbecue, sushi, pizza and more to choose from when hungry. (The pool is not open to the public.)

Here are some photos of the various spaces within the new 30 story hotel. The rooftop pool was not open, but there are some photos of the patio space there. Also, Bob’s Steakhouse is open, but was not open when we visited for photos.d

Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey celebrates National Chocolate Day – and APRON

Saturday, Oct. 28, from 3-6 p.m., Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey is sponsoring a special chocolate tasting event in Louisville and Lexington at the Springhurst Liquor Barn, 4301 Town Center Drive, and the Hamburg Liquor Barn in Lexington. Ballotin has invited West 6th Brewing, Old 502 Winery, Rabbit Hole Distilling, Cellar Door Chocolates, Hi-Five Doughnuts, Steel City Pops, Chateau Bourbon and Bourbon Women to showcase the many ways chocolate influences, flavors, and defines some favorite local products and brands. Continue reading Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey celebrates National Chocolate Day – and APRON

Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey

People who know me won’t be surprised by the analogy that came to mind as I sat down to sample Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey, a new product from a veteran of the local distilling industry. What jumped into my head was the rabbit-duck illusion, an ambiguous 19th-century German drawing depicting a rabbit that, if you look again, looks like a duck, or a duck, if you blink, that resembles a rabbit. Which creature is it? Continue reading Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey

Trail Blazer

By creating the Urban Bourbon Trail, the CVB’s Stacey Yates helped put Bourbon tourism on the map.

[Originally published in the Winter 2015 issue of Food & Dining Magazine]

These days, Louisville’s Urban Bourbon Trail, a network of 34 establishments that promote and celebrate Bourbon by offering at least 50 brands, is so popular that “I’m waiting for Gattiland to call and say, ‘We have 50 Bourbons – can we be we on the Trail?’” Continue reading Trail Blazer

Modern Day Moonshine

Shop any decent liquor store and you’ll find a growing number of clear spirits that aren’t gin, vodka or rum. I’m talking moonshine, a debatably named clear liquor and tasty tribute to the turbulent times of Prohibition.

Baby Boomers hearing the word “moonshine” recall “The Beverly Hillbillies’” Granny Clampett sipping “white lightnin’” from an earthen jug labeled “XXX.” She made her “rheumatiz medicine” from an unknown recipe in an illegal still. Much the same occurs today on the Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners” show, where its scofflaw characters make ‘shine by “recipes” that vary with nearly every episode. What’s available, affordable and fermentable is what gets used. Sometimes that’s sugar and water, other times it’s some ground corn, sugar and water. Once rotting strawberries served as the sugar source for a batch o’ hooch that emerged blue from the still. (Thankfully, the hard luck hill jacks ditched it.) Continue reading Modern Day Moonshine

Immerse yourself in Bourbon this summer

Well, it would take a lot of aged spirit to fill even a kid’s wading pool, so that is not the kind of immersion we mean.

Rather, we refer to the chance of intellectual and practical immersion in the history, production and culinary uses of good corn whiskey.  The opportunities for such will be offered by the educational distillery Moonshine University, 801 S. Eighth St. in their  Summer Bourbon Series.

Continue reading Immerse yourself in Bourbon this summer

Sip into some Bourbon history at 21C

Of course, the venerable Filson Historical Society has a Bourbon historian on staff.  That is Michael Veach, author of “Kentucky Bourbon History: An American Heritage,” who will add his expertise to the Derby Week festivities by hosting a Bourbon tasting Tuesday, April 29 at 6:30 p.m. at 21C Museum Hotel, 700 W. Main St.

Veach will pour six samples from three Kentucky distilleries–Brown-Forman, Michter’s and Heaven Hill–and discuss the history of Bourbon and how his samples fit into the spectrum of Bourbon pleasures. The tasting will be accompanied by hors d’oeuvres from Proof on Main’s chef Levon Wallace. Continue reading Sip into some Bourbon history at 21C

Riverside cigars hosts Town Branch Bourbon and Kentucky Ale master distiller Mark Coffman

Riverside Cigar Shop and Lounge will welcome Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company master distiller Mark Coffman for a tasting of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and Town Branch Bourbon this Friday, Feb. 21, from 5-9 p.m. Continue reading Riverside cigars hosts Town Branch Bourbon and Kentucky Ale master distiller Mark Coffman