6 Wines Under $12

It’s not easy choosing wines for holiday events because seemingly every menu is completely different—both at home and away.

As guests at others’ dinner tables, we’re on the hot seat to make a choice that will match our host’s spread, so we want to get it right.

Well fear not, dear foodie, we’ve assembled a crack team of oenophiles to guide you toward proper wine picks for any occasion. Take our local experts’ advice on what matches which and what it’ll cost you. Continue reading 6 Wines Under $12

Coffee & Spirits

As summer approaches and with it the heat and humidity starts climbing, everyone looks for ways to stay cool and still enjoy the increased entertainment and festivities that warmer temperatures bring.

Cocktails have become more and more creative, and I thought I could introduce coffee to some summertime libations. Before undertaking this project, I knew that I would need a “cocktail expert” to guide me through the various levels of cocktails that could be introduced. I could think of no one more qualified than my good friend and fellow columnist, Tim Laird, the CEO (that’s the “Chief Entertainment Officer”) for Brown-Forman, who knows his way around the cocktail realm. We both have a true passion, Tim for creating imaginative cocktails and me for fantastic coffee. Continue reading Coffee & Spirits

Q&A: Chef Matt Weber of Uptown Cafe

Matt Weber will be the first to tell you he’s not part of Louisville’s chef fraternity.

But he is part of a restaurant family of sorts, working since he was 18 in Nancy Shepherd’s Uptown Café and its upscale sibling, the now closed Café Metro. At the Uptown, he was an assistant pastry chef and prep cook, mentored by chefs Eric Sinnott, Dave Barnes and John Edgerton. Executive chef at Uptown Café since 1992, Weber has worked closely with kitchen partner and sous chef Laurie Banta for the past decade. A self-professed laid-back guy, he sat down to talk with F&D one Monday morning in November. Continue reading Q&A: Chef Matt Weber of Uptown Cafe

From Good to Great — Anchorage Cafe spreads its creative wings

Something from here, and a bit from there, falls nicely into place at the Anchorage Café — an upscale (or is it traditional?) coffee shop in the heart of “downtown” Anchorage.

A creation of Bruce Lake and his wife Courtney, the Anchorage Café began two Derbies ago as an espresso bar with a little lunchtime fare — and some darned good coffee. The coffee’s still terrific, but the café soon added breakfast, and now light dinners are served out on the terrace under the stars. Continue reading From Good to Great — Anchorage Cafe spreads its creative wings

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