Source This!

If you are growing weary of hyper-descriptive menus making implausible claims about the ancestry of their radishes, you are not alone.

I too have noticed this escalating trend, which results in turgid descriptions like the following:

 Cruelty-free adolescent Kookaburra Prawns chaperoned by Free-Range Incan Corn Fritters laved in Virgin Chiapas Avocado Must upon a Matrix of Hickory Smoked Ice. (Québécois Paddlefish Caviar $100 supplement). $87 Continue reading Source This!

365 Days of Chocolate

The little girl who learned to cook in her grandmother’s New Mexican kitchen has grown up to bring a sophisticated option to the candy connoisseurs of Louisville Metro.

A few years ago, 29 year-old Erika Chavez-Graziano was working on her economics degree in Binghamton, New York and making truffles for “friends, family, pot lucks . . .” When she moved to Louisville for the sake of a relationship, she thought she might be able to earn a living making truffles. Soon after, she opened Cellar Door Chocolates. Continue reading 365 Days of Chocolate

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