$10 Challenge — The Monkey Wrench.

The Monkey Wrench is a chameleon of a business that morphs into whatever its patrons need it to be. This versatile venue serves up good food, cold drinks, live music and on Tuesdays, $5 burgers.

The upstairs balcony, with blue Christmas lights under the canopy and a bar that sells cigars, feels like it belongs on a Florida beach. Customers are either in wearing sunglasses at one of the tables scattered on the patio or keeping cool with a drink at the shaded bar.

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Tips for Better Coffee at Home.

We’ve all had that magical moment when at a coffeehouse, a neighborhood diner, or an upscale restaurant, you tipped up your coffee cup and were introduced to that very special memory of coffee that made a difference.

The “ah’s” were genuine, sip after sip, but that lingering question still was a menace.  “Why can’t I make this at home?”  “Why doesn’t my coffee at home taste like what I get at a coffeehouse or restaurant?” “ Do I need some special brewing contraption or a PHD in brew-ology?”  Not at all, just some simple guidelines that will produce that memorable cup. Continue reading Tips for Better Coffee at Home.

$10 Challenge: The Fish House & Cafe Beignet

I had to try The Fish House when the restaurant received my mother’s seal of approval.

Mommy has always been a notoriously finicky eater. And a few years ago, a doctor diagnosed her with a laundry list of food allergies ranging from carrots to cucumbers. So imagine my delight when she finds a local restaurant that addresses her dietary restrictions, offers enough menu options to please her picky palate, and provides food that actually tastes good. Continue reading $10 Challenge: The Fish House & Cafe Beignet

Buckhead hosting dinner featuring local beers and foods March 18.

Kudos to Tisha Michelle Gainey for the hard work she and the brew-focused crews at Buckhead Mountain Grill (Bardstown Road and Jeffersonville, Ind.) and Rocky’s Sub Pub put into elevating the status and availability of local beer at restaurants. Her team has done a nice job on special events and dinners centered on beer, which never gets the plate-side respect given wine and bourbon. Continue reading Buckhead hosting dinner featuring local beers and foods March 18.

Easy Entertaining — A Lobster Feast (party planning & recipes)

Ask anyone who has seen Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall” knows, cooking whole live lobsters can be intimidating. But we’ve taken the fear out of the process by providing easy steps to properly cook lobsters, for the reward is well worth the effort.

Not only is lobster delicious eaten whole, its rich meat is luxurious in a variety of dishes including appetizers, soups, entrees and sides as well. We’ve included several of our favorite lobster recipes to enjoy as a full lobster-feast meal or as an accompaniment to other dishes. Continue reading Easy Entertaining — A Lobster Feast (party planning & recipes)

Wiltshire to add another foodie Mecca.

From the team that brought you Wiltshire Pantry (one of the top rated catering companies in the state) and Wiltshire on Market (a solid favorite in NuLu’s hot restaurant row) is on the verge of another new venue — a retail bakery and café.

The appropriately named Wiltshire Pantry Bakery and Café will be located at what was most recently Joe Davola’s (901 Barret Avenue), just down the road from the Lynne’s Paradise Café.  Continue reading Wiltshire to add another foodie Mecca.

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