Old World Character with a New Age Spirit – Dumante Verdenoce

Have you tried Dumante, that ancient nutty liqueur sipped for ages in pistachio groves of Sicily?

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t, because Dumante has only been out since Fall of 2007, although its rich, sophisticated taste and elegant packaging suggest a more established product. Continue reading Old World Character with a New Age Spirit – Dumante Verdenoce

Source This!

If you are growing weary of hyper-descriptive menus making implausible claims about the ancestry of their radishes, you are not alone.

I too have noticed this escalating trend, which results in turgid descriptions like the following:

 Cruelty-free adolescent Kookaburra Prawns chaperoned by Free-Range Incan Corn Fritters laved in Virgin Chiapas Avocado Must upon a Matrix of Hickory Smoked Ice. (Québécois Paddlefish Caviar $100 supplement). $87 Continue reading Source This!

365 Days of Chocolate

The little girl who learned to cook in her grandmother’s New Mexican kitchen has grown up to bring a sophisticated option to the candy connoisseurs of Louisville Metro.

A few years ago, 29 year-old Erika Chavez-Graziano was working on her economics degree in Binghamton, New York and making truffles for “friends, family, pot lucks . . .” When she moved to Louisville for the sake of a relationship, she thought she might be able to earn a living making truffles. Soon after, she opened Cellar Door Chocolates. Continue reading 365 Days of Chocolate

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