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3 chefs to battle over a Green Egg

A cooking competition to promote the popular upscale grill and smoker the Big Green Egg will take place tonight, Friday, Aug. 5 from 6-9 p.m. at Brownsboro Hardware & Paint, 4858 Brownsboro Rd. Like many such competitions, the 3 chefs, Josh Moore of Volare, Anoosh Shariat of Anoosh Bistro and Noosh Nosh, and Shawn Ward of Ward 426 will be given a selection of surprise ingredients, and they will have 90 minutes to prepare a 3-course meal on a Big Green Egg. Continue reading 3 chefs to battle over a Green Egg

Chefs for Hope dinner to benefit Salvation Army training program

For several years the Louisville Salvation Army has run a Culinary Arts Training program which “helps individuals living in poverty learn vocational skills and self-confidence to support life-long self-sufficiency,” according to a news release. The annual Chefs for Hope dinner raises money for this worthy endeavor. 100 percent of the proceeds of the dinner will benefit the students’ classroom training. To date, 125 men and women have graduated the 10-week program, of which Sullivan University is a partner. Continue reading Chefs for Hope dinner to benefit Salvation Army training program

Shariat plans second restaurant, a casual family spot

In less than a year after returning to Louisville and opening Anoosh Bistro at 4864 Brownsboro Center, Anoosh Shariat has plans to open a second restaurant, within a stone’s throw of his first place. Now under construction, the space at 4816 Brownsboro Center, is tentatively to be called Noosh Nosh.
Continue reading Shariat plans second restaurant, a casual family spot

Comings & Goings Winter 2014

The restaurant biz, everyone says, is a chancy one, fraught with big uncertainties (Can the market support another one of us? Is our style of food, or ambiance, on the money, or past its prime? Will this location draw customers? Will the economic outlook, nationally and locally, encourage people to go out to eat?) and everyday challenges (Can we find a staff that will show up on time and create and serve a product that will draw people back? Will costs remain stable enough to plan ahead? Can I actually print a menu without typos?).

Yet, Louisville chefs and restaurateurs continue to find the courage to start out or to expand. In the last three months or so, 18 new restaurants have opened or are about to, and seven others have added, or are planning, an additional location. In that same time, 17 restaurants have closed, and three others with multiple outlets have closed one but remain in business at other locations.

By the numbers, that is 25 openings and 20 closings, total. But eight of the spaces that lost a business have quickly found new occupants, ready to try to beat the odds again. Continue reading Comings & Goings Winter 2014