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Comings & Goings

[Originally published in the Summer 2017 issue of Food & Dining Magazine]

Just following the numbers makes clear that Louisville’s restaurant scene continues to thrive. In this rundown, we’re listing 27 new dining choices — 16 new businesses and 11 new locations for existing companies — while removing only 11 listings, three of which are multiple location businesses closing one location each. Continue reading Comings & Goings

Bearno’s closes Highlands store

Local pizza provider Bearno’s has announced that it is closing its Highlands outlet at 1318 Bardstown Rd. The company has been in the pizza business since 1977, and has run its Bardstown Rd. store for 15 years. It now has 11 stores across the Louisville area, including Bearno’s By the Bridge, at 131 W. Main St. and the two newest stores, Bearno’s by the Bay, on River Road in Prospect, and a Middletown store, both of which opened this year. Continue reading Bearno’s closes Highlands store