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La Chasse Announces Kristina Dyer as New Executive Chef

La Chasse announced on their Facebook last night, June 12, that they have appointed Chef Kristina Dyer as their new Executive Chef. Chef Dyer was previously Chef De Cuisine at Butchertown Grocery and has previously worked at Le Relais, Seviche, La Coop and other Louisville restaurants. She came to La Chasse about a year ago when then Executive Chef Alex Dulaney, who she served as sous chef at Le Relais, asked her to come and help him. This is her first time as executive chef, and she’s ready for the challenge.

“I’m really excited,” she told us. “I know it’s going to be hard work, but I’m ready for it. I absolutely love what I do, and this is such an amazing opportunity for me to show people my food for real.”

The Facebook response to the announcement was highly positive with over 100 positive reactions within the first few hours. Stephanie Morris commented, “If last nights dinner is an indication of what’s to come – I can’t wait for more. Creativity and execution were fabulous… ”

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