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Art Eatables and Copper and Kings Pairings

Copper & Kings partnered with Art Eatables Friday night to show the movie Chocolat in their decorative second floor event space. About 50 people gathered to enjoy the movie from the orange couches and white folding chairs as they indulged in the masterful pairings of Copper & Kings brandy, absinthe, Destillaré Orange Curaçao  or gin with fudge and chocolates custom made by Kelly Ramsey at Art Eatables for this event.

My favorite pairing was the Floodwall Apple Brandy with Ramsey’s Chocolate French Toast  Caramel.  Other pairings included Old Tom Gin with Lemon Chiffon Drop or the White Chocolate Gin Wombley; Destillaré Orange Curaçao with Citrus Spice Chocolate Ganache; Absinthe with the Ginger Spiced Fudge; and the original Copper & Kings Brandy Chimere with  the original Copper & Kings chocolate – the only confectionary delight served Friday that is available to purchase from Art Eatables.  Based on feedback, Ramsey said she may be making some of the other treats available for purchase. I really hope the Chocolate French Toast Caramel is in that lineup. Copper and Kings hosts events regularly at their distillery. You can see the lineup on their website.

Copper & Kings hosts gin festival

Brown liquors get their color from aging in wood, for years in most cases. That makes cash flow for a new distillery dicey, and the reason to distill and bottle clear spirits as well, to make enough money to keep those brandy and Bourbon barrels aging properly until it is time for them to hit the market. So, with the rise of new Bourbon producers in the state, we have seen also the rise of clear spirits vodka, gin, moonshine and unaged brandy production as well. Saturday, Aug. 5, 7-11 p.m., Copper & Kings Distillery, 1121 E. Washington St., will celebrate clear spirits with the Supersonic Craft Gin Festival.
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Surf’s up tomorrow at Copper & Kings

Tomorrow, Saturday June 24, The Ohio River Surf Club (a mysterious group that surfs in the dead of night without a moon, are invisible to ninjas and conjurers, and have cool hair, a nonchalant disposition with no desire to be famous, according to their press release) returns to Copper & Kings Distillery, 1121 E. Washington St., for The Return of Kentiki, the summer Tiki party. The surf rock band Inertia, featuring members of Wanda Jackson’s touring band, Bodeco and ex-members of the Ladybirds, will perform in the distillery courtyard from 8 p.m. to midnight, and there will beHula dancing performance by Hawaiian Hula and Ori Tahiti of Louisville. Continue reading Surf’s up tomorrow at Copper & Kings

NY Times extols Copper & Kings

Yesterday’s New York Times Food section has a lengthy article about the rise of American brandy production, and it rightly begins with a profile of Joe Heron and Copper & Kings, the brandy distillery he began in Butchertown three years ago.

The story, “American Brandy Is Surging, Even in Whiskey Country,” discusses several American distilleries that are producing brandies made from American grapes, leading off with Heron and his success with Copper & Kings.  Continue reading NY Times extols Copper & Kings

“Cheap Eats” visits 4 Louisville restaurants

The Cooking Channel’s “Cheap Eats” show, which visits less-expensive restaurants around the country to highlight their cuisine, will broadcast this Thursday, Jan. 26 at 10 p.m. the results of their recent visit to Louisville, where they sampled fare at the Butchertown Pie Co., Super Chefs, Zanzabar and Hammerheads. Continue reading “Cheap Eats” visits 4 Louisville restaurants

Three dinners to know about this week

Special dinners, based around pairings of wines, whiskey or beer, or around other interesting localized themes, continue to proliferate, indicating to this statistically-not-very-literate writer that they must be a popular offering. Here are three in the coming week or so that sound appealing for a variety of reasons. Continue reading Three dinners to know about this week

Walk up to B-Town Pie Co. in Copper & Kings courtyard

Copper & Kings distillery has been slowly expanding its retail offerings, moving from brandy to absinthe to gin from their pot stills to premium sodas and now to street food. B-Town Pie Co. is the offshoot now offering lunch and snack “pies” from one of the re-purposed shipping containers that surround the striking open courtyard at the distillery. Continue reading Walk up to B-Town Pie Co. in Copper & Kings courtyard