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Doc’s Cantina closes, concept undergoing overhaul

Louisville’s newest on-line restaurant news site, Eat Drink Talk, is reporting this morning that Doc’s Cantina, the much-hyped renovation of the former Tumbleweed location, has been closed. The owners, Falls City Hospitality Group, will rethink their concept and re-open with new ideas before the end of the year.

Eat Drink Talk’s Steve Coomes reports the ins and outs of the decision, and the ups and downs of the newest effort by restaurateurs Chip Hamm,  Brett Davis, Michael Ton and Steven Ton that had been plagued with problems from the start.

The old Tumbleweed to be Doc’s Cantina

If the Louisville tradition that once a place is established in people’s minds, it is indelible (see: old Sears, the corner where Hasenour’s used to be, the old Y, Stewart’s, among others), it will be a while before Doc’s Cantina becomes the default name of the riverside restaurant just east of downtown that for many years housed Tumbleweed. Continue reading The old Tumbleweed to be Doc’s Cantina