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Comings & Goings

[Originally published in the Summer 2017 issue of Food & Dining Magazine]

Just following the numbers makes clear that Louisville’s restaurant scene continues to thrive. In this rundown, we’re listing 27 new dining choices — 16 new businesses and 11 new locations for existing companies — while removing only 11 listings, three of which are multiple location businesses closing one location each. Continue reading Comings & Goings

Geechee Bayou now open in Old Louisville

Geechee Bayou, serving Cajun and Creole cuisine, has opened in the heart of Old Louisville, at 1161 S. Second St. The space had briefly been Slice deli, and is a few doors away from the new, larger location of The Seafood Lady.

The menu includes items like steamed crawfish and fried frog legs, in generous portions. Side dishes include coleslaw, sausage, corn on the cob, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs and green beans. Orders come with a Creole spice blend, house-made tartar sauce, and a house-made hot sauce. Continue reading Geechee Bayou now open in Old Louisville