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“Lost Restaurants of Louisville” Book Signing at Lilly’s

Thursday, Dec. 3 from 5-9 p.m., Stephen Hacker and Michelle Turner, authors of the new book “Lost Restaurants of Louisville, “ will be at Lilly’s, 1147 Bardstown Rd. to sign their book. In it, they reminisce about the famous local restaurants that are now gone, but still evoke warm memories of unforgotten dishes to old-timers in town. Continue reading “Lost Restaurants of Louisville” Book Signing at Lilly’s

Recent restaurant nostalgia

An outbreak of restaurant nostalgia seems to have broken out recently, if a couple of posts that sprang up on my news feeds recently is any indication. Various social media posts mooned over once-popular and now-defunct restaurants that loom large in the gustatory memory of local dining patrons.

One such posting listed Kaelin’s,  Azalea (with a cursory mention of one predecessor, La Paloma, but not the grand-daddy on that Brownsboro Rd. site, Bauer’s), L&N Wine Bar, Alameda, Mamma Grisanti’s (but not Casa Grisanti, nor Ferd Grisanti).  Continue reading Recent restaurant nostalgia