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State Plate Features Kentucky in Episode Monday

The Brown Hotel and its famous Hot Brown have caught the attention of former American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, who will feature this signature dish on the new season of INSP’s award-winning original culinary-travel series State Plate, which follows Hicks as he tastes his way across the United States on a quest to assemble plates that represent each state’s most historic and tastiest foods. 

The episode highlighting iconic Kentucky dishes will air on Monday, March 12 at 7:30 p.m. EST and features the Brown Hotel’s executive chef James Adams and Hicks preparing and eating the Hot Brown in the hotel’s kitchen and four-star English Grill. This episode also features Frankfort, Lexington, Lawrenceburg and Louisville for Benedictine, burgoo, spoonbread, and bourbon balls.

Photography by Chris Witzke of the famous Hot Brown


At Food & Dining we are often asked: “What is your favorite dish?”

We have the pleasure of covering one of the most robust restaurant cities in all of America with more than 1,200 restaurants at last count. It’s like asking Mother Goose’s “the old woman in a shoe” who her favorite child is.

We decided to focus on four dishes that everyone eats at least occasionally, and almost everyone has an opinion about. Not fancy preparations or exotic ingredients, but those standard dishes we can all relate to, and debate about: a good bar burger, chicken wings, a fried fish sandwich and a Hot Brown.

The Food & Dining staff got together, tossed around their ideas and, after some lively debate, came up with our choices for these four dishes. Let’s see how they stack up against your list. Continue reading STAFF PICKS

How to celebrate the Hot Brown’s 90th birthday

It’s been 90 years since chef Fred Schmidt scratched his head to come up with an easy but tasty dish for late-night party-goers at the Brown Hotel. His concoction, the open-faced turkey sandwich on toast topped with tomatoes, bacon and Mornay sauce known as the Hot Brown, has become, for better or worse, an icon of Louisville dining. The Brown Hotel has celebrated various anniversaries of the sandwich before, but for this Big One, executive chef Josh Bettis has concocted the Haute Brown, which he will serve to anyone willing to pay $90 for the treat. Continue reading How to celebrate the Hot Brown’s 90th birthday

National G names Louisville one of the world’s best food cities!

Unfortunately, what catches the National Geographic’s editors’ fancy, and therefore merits this seemingly exalted notice, is merely the Hot Brown, which the magazine’s web page describes as “an open-faced turkey sandwich on Texas toast with bacon, tomatoes, and a cream sauce, [which] gives eaters plenty to get excited about, day or night.”

Now, I am not one to disparage the famous Hot Brown sandwich, though I do get just a wee bit steamed when it alone is cited again and again on these (somewhat overdone, wouldn’t you say?) click-bait listicles. But to describe it so badly  – “Texas toast”? “cream sauce”? – makes one hardly burst with pride at the seeming accolade. Continue reading National G names Louisville one of the world’s best food cities!