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Kaelin’s Spot Reopening as “80/20at Kaelin’s; Tiki Bar Opens Downtown

Kaelin’s at 1801 Newburg Rd. will find a resurrection in late March or April when 80/20 at Kaelin’s opens after over $1 million and about two years of planning and  renovation.  It has long been urban legend that the restaurant’s original owners invented the cheeseburgers in the 1930s, and this new iteration will be remaining true to the history of the building, which is what drew them to the building in the first place, according to this article by Insider Louisville.

Louisville is getting a Tiki bar at 411 W. Chestnut St — just behind Crafts Gallery–  and it’s opening should help hasten at least the feeling of a warmer climate.  The Limbo opens Friday and will feature Carribbean music,  cocktails,  live entertainment (music, burlesque, etc), and of course, fun glasses and large shareable bowl glasses. It’s no surprise that a themed venue like this comes from someone with a theatrical background. According to the website, Olivia Griffin has a background in theater, design and event production, She moved to Louisville from San Fransisco in 2014 and wanted to bring the vibe of the Tiki bars there to the 4th St. area where she also owns and operates the hat and apparel store “The Mysterious Rack.” Hours will be 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Kaelin’s to return, rejuvenated

The property at 1801 Newburg Rd, has been called, in standard Louisville fashion, “the old Kaelin’s” for a number of years now, even, very likely, when it was Mulligan’s Pub and Grill for a few years after the iconic family restaurant closed in 2009 (the Kaelin family had sold the business and the name in 2004). Now there are reports that the buildings there are the corner of Speed and Newburg are being renovated and a restaurant will return to that site. Continue reading Kaelin’s to return, rejuvenated

Recent restaurant nostalgia

An outbreak of restaurant nostalgia seems to have broken out recently, if a couple of posts that sprang up on my news feeds recently is any indication. Various social media posts mooned over once-popular and now-defunct restaurants that loom large in the gustatory memory of local dining patrons.

One such posting listed Kaelin’s,  Azalea (with a cursory mention of one predecessor, La Paloma, but not the grand-daddy on that Brownsboro Rd. site, Bauer’s), L&N Wine Bar, Alameda, Mamma Grisanti’s (but not Casa Grisanti, nor Ferd Grisanti).  Continue reading Recent restaurant nostalgia