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Grassa Gramma Searches for a Gramma

Louisvillians have been watching and waiting for Kevin Grangier’s (Village Anchor, Le Moo) new spot in Holiday Manor since it was announced in 2017.  The Italian restaurant is set to open in August, and the restaurateur has been searching for someone to fill the title role. Grassa Gramma loosely means “the plump grandmother,” and Grangier sent out the call for Italian grandmothers to come and present their cooking at Oxmoor Center last Saturday, June 30.

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Kevin Grangier plans another restaurant

Restaurateur Kevin Grangier, who already has under his belt The Village Anchor & Pub and PICNIC in Anchorage, and Le Moo Fine Steak House on the edge of the Highlands, is planning another restaurant, focused on Italian cuisine, in Holiday Manor on Brownsboro Rd. Continue reading Kevin Grangier plans another restaurant

Restaurant reviewer joins restaurant group

Nancy Miller, the restaurant reviewer and Cook’s Corner compiler for the Louisville Courier-Journal, whose reviews run in the Velocity section on Thursdays, will leave her reviewer’s position to become director of training and restaurant development for Belle Noble Entertainment Group LLC, which owns Le Moo, Village Anchor and PICNIC. Continue reading Restaurant reviewer joins restaurant group

Kevin Grangier’s new Picnic open now

Seemingly, if you open a sumptuous new restaurant that almost immediately gets national notice, you want to open another. Kevin Grangier, proprietor of the steadily successful Village Anchor in Anchorage, and fresh off the launch of Le Moo, his extravagant steakhouse on Lexington Rd., has opened his newest venture, Kevin’s Picnic, a casual restaurant in Anchorage. Continue reading Kevin Grangier’s new Picnic open now

Village Anchor owner Kevin Grangier set to expand again

Less than a year after the major re-imagining of the old KT’s space on Lexington Rd. into Le Moo Steakhouse, Kevin Grangier, who also operates The Village Anchor in Anchorage, has plans for a new Anchorage restaurant, and more restaurant ideas for the future. The first of these ideas will be PICNIC, a casual eatery serving breakfast sandwiches and pastries, soups, salads and sandwiches and upscale comfort foods at dinner. PICNIC will be located in the one-time train depot next to Grangier’s signature restaurant, The Village Anchor.

Caitlin Bowling’s Insider Louisville story reports that Grangier’s Belle Noble Entertainment Group also has plans for several more restaurant ideas. The success of Le Moo has energized Grangier, and given him confidence that what he learned from that project can be transferred to several new concepts.

PICNIC, which will be open 6 a.m. till 10 p.m daily, is shooting for a July 4 opening.

New places open new spaces

Three restaurants open within the last year or so have now opened additional spaces at their locations. River House, John Varanese’s long-time dream restaurant on the Ohio River, has opened The Levee, the small plates with dining entertainment  space right next door. Le Moo has opened its performing space, Blue Moo, and Galaxie Bar has opened its outdoor patio, dubbed The Outer Space, behind the Green Building. Continue reading New places open new spaces

Softly now! Le Moo is serving; will open grandly Sept. 19

Le Moo, the massively redesigned former KT’s, at 2300 Lexington Rd., has been serving on the QT since last Friday, undergoing the final shakedown and staff training the restaurant industry calls a “soft opening” before it officially opens. That official opening is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 19. Continue reading Softly now! Le Moo is serving; will open grandly Sept. 19

Restaurants coming ‘round the bend

As we look down into the near future, Louisville diners have a lot of interesting expectations looming. Recent news reports mention at least a dozen restaurants with plans to open in the coming months. Some, like Le Moo, have announced a specific opening date. Others, like Wiltshire at the Speed, will be dependent on the successful plans of others. A few chain eateries have their eyes on Louisville for expansion, and some local businessmen have new ideas a-brewing. All in all, it will be an interesting few months to be watching the restaurant action. Continue reading Restaurants coming ‘round the bend

KT’s last day is today — in August look for Le Moo

After almost 30 years as a hub for commuters waiting out traffic on I-64, singles mingling and dating, and leisurely Sunday brunchers, KT’s will close May 4. Soon thereafter, work will begin to convert the iconic space into Le Moo Fine Steak House under the ownership of Kevin Grangier. The owner of The Village Anchor and Pub in Anchorage, Grangier is shooting for an early August opening date for his new venture. Continue reading KT’s last day is today — in August look for Le Moo

K.T.’s gets new owner; Austin’s sold for other uses

Two long-standing, American roadhouse style restaurants and watering holes, K.T.’s and Austin’s have been sold to new owners.

The popular, long-lived Lexington Rd. restaurant and bar, K.T.’s has been sold to Kevin Grangier, owner of popular Anchorage restaurant the Village Anchor and Pub. The ownership turnover will be effective Nov. 21, but little will change at the restaurant until the first of the new year, as Grangier makes his final decisions about how to manage the large space at 2300 Lexington Road. Grangier reportedly said he wants to get a feel for what type of restaurant neighborhood residents would like before making any changes. Continue reading K.T.’s gets new owner; Austin’s sold for other uses