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Demo chefs needed for New Roots

Restaurant chefs and non-professional cooks with a flair for using fresh, local ingredients are needed by New Roots, the West End project to provide better foods in an area deemed a “food desert.” Local chefs and home cooking enthusiasts are invited to Cook to the Root, a cocktail reception at Monnik Beer Co.,1036 E. Burnett St.  from 6-8 p.m. Sunday, April 9. Continue reading Demo chefs needed for New Roots

What? More special dinners? Why?

Because they fill up, of course. Because a lot of diners in town realize that special menus related to interesting wine, beer or even cocktail choices are fun. Such dinners allow chefs more flexibility and the chance to try out new dishes, or use unusual ingredients. Such dinners allow diners to sample wines or beers they may not be familiar with, wines that are often good values, and not that pricey at retail. And such dinners are a good reason to try out restaurants you might not have tried yet. Here are three dinners that are up in the next week. Try one. Continue reading What? More special dinners? Why?