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Family Run Jeptha Creed Distillery Offers Beautiful Tour

In the midst of Derby week madness, a friend and I took a short trip east to the Jeptha Creed Distillery for a little rest and relaxation. Pulling up to the beautiful distillery building, we were greeted by a gorgeous old Ford and other vintage vehicles. The gleaming presentation continued as we entered the gift shop and lobby. Turning to the right, a beautiful bar called to us and we sampled some drinks while we waited for the tour to begin, although we skipped the paninis and small bites for fear we wouldn’t have time to finish them. I had a strawberry melon slushie (strawberry puree, melon liquor, Jeptha’s Ne Oublie bitters, Jeptha’s honey vodka),  and my friend had a bloody mary with bacon salt on the glass as bartender Mackenzi Kyeoehlein told us how everything is made mostly from Jeptha Creed farm produce, but the few things that are outsourced come from local farmers.

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Jeptha Creed Announced as the Official Vodka of the Kentucky Derby Festival

Jeptha Creed – a craft distillery founded by mother and daughter Joyce and Autumn Nethery and located in Shelbyville, Kentucky specializing in bourbon, whiskey, vodka and moonshine – announced on January 22 they are the official vodka of the 2018 Kentucky Derby Festival.

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Modern Day Moonshine

Shop any decent liquor store and you’ll find a growing number of clear spirits that aren’t gin, vodka or rum. I’m talking moonshine, a debatably named clear liquor and tasty tribute to the turbulent times of Prohibition.

Baby Boomers hearing the word “moonshine” recall “The Beverly Hillbillies’” Granny Clampett sipping “white lightnin’” from an earthen jug labeled “XXX.” She made her “rheumatiz medicine” from an unknown recipe in an illegal still. Much the same occurs today on the Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners” show, where its scofflaw characters make ‘shine by “recipes” that vary with nearly every episode. What’s available, affordable and fermentable is what gets used. Sometimes that’s sugar and water, other times it’s some ground corn, sugar and water. Once rotting strawberries served as the sugar source for a batch o’ hooch that emerged blue from the still. (Thankfully, the hard luck hill jacks ditched it.) Continue reading Modern Day Moonshine