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Comings & Goings

[Originally published in the Summer 2017 issue of Food & Dining Magazine]

Just following the numbers makes clear that Louisville’s restaurant scene continues to thrive. In this rundown, we’re listing 27 new dining choices — 16 new businesses and 11 new locations for existing companies — while removing only 11 listings, three of which are multiple location businesses closing one location each. Continue reading Comings & Goings

MozzaPi ready to settle down in Anchorage

It’s been a long, slow road for one of the first and most enduring of Louisville’s food trucks, MozzaPi. Owner Tom Edwards has established a steady catering business with the wood-burning oven mounted on a truck chassis and has branched out into artisanal bread baking, grinding his own brands of stone-ground flours and grits, and providing hands-on classes in working with sourdough and pizza making. Now Edwards is ready to settle down and build himself a café and flour mill in Anchorage. Continue reading MozzaPi ready to settle down in Anchorage