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New Restaurant Ramen Inochi Opening in Old Rumplins Spot in Highlands

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous tipped us off to a sign for a Ramen restaurant appearing on the building at 2009 Highland Ave, the former home of Rumplins (another noodle based restaurant.) Our source says that Ramen Inochi is a completely new concept and is supposed to open in March. A notice of intent to sell alcoholic beverages is posted in the window. The deadline to protest the selling of alcohol is February 11. More to come.

Habana Blues & La Rosita Open Thursday

What’s old is new again in New Albany.

Two long-time presences in the restaurant scene in southern Indiana are rebooting themselves, offering eaters more of what they have loved. And both are having grand openings on Thursday.

Israel Landon, who made a big splash a few years ago with a little store, La Rosita, and then expanded too fast and crashed, is going back to his roots with a new venture, Israel’s Delicias de Mexico Gourmet, at 1515 E. Market St. New Albany. And Habana Blues Tapas Restaurant has reopened in a new space, with a re-envisioned look that tries to capture a little of the Cuban feel of Miami. Continue reading Habana Blues & La Rosita Open Thursday

Wiltshire to add another foodie Mecca.

From the team that brought you Wiltshire Pantry (one of the top rated catering companies in the state) and Wiltshire on Market (a solid favorite in NuLu’s hot restaurant row) is on the verge of another new venue — a retail bakery and café.

The appropriately named Wiltshire Pantry Bakery and Café will be located at what was most recently Joe Davola’s (901 Barret Avenue), just down the road from the Lynne’s Paradise Café.  Continue reading Wiltshire to add another foodie Mecca.