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Profile: Pho Ba Luu

Saigon Memories

Pho Ba Luu owners Jessica Mach and Stewart Davis bring Saigon street food to NuLu with a little touch of motherly love
Banh mi sandwich with house-made pâté and house-baked French baguette.
Banh mi sandwich with house-made pâté and house-baked French baguette.

Saigon and Louisville are 9,000 miles apart, but Jessica Mach has found a way to merge the two cities. In July, she and partner Stewart Davis opened Pho Ba Luu at 1019 E. Main St., on the edge of the Nulu and Butchertown neighborhoods. Pho Ba Luu’s menu is built around banh mi sandwiches and pho, a combination of broth, rice noodles (“bánh phï”), herbs and meat. Mach refers to this as “Vietnamese comfort food,” and being around it every day makes her feel Louisville is a little closer to her homeland. Continue reading Profile: Pho Ba Luu

TAJ adds to cool quotient in NuLu

Another cool old semi-derelict property on E. Market st. has been brought back from desuetude to become another component of the cool NuLu eating and drinking scene. What is now TAJ Louisville, at 807 E. Market St., a few years ago was a once-fine old commercial building bowing to its age. But long-time NuLu area resident Mike Maloney, a special events manager in the mayor’s office, worked with partners Ken Blackthorn and Todd Moore to shore up the brick facade, rebuild the interior with salvaged wood, install a monumental mint julep sculpture outside and voila! another laid-back place to eat, drink and socialize in NuLu. Continue reading TAJ adds to cool quotient in NuLu

NuLu to celebrate spring with bock beer festival

Dating back to medieval Germany, bock beer, brewed to be slightly more alcoholic than traditional lagers, was a traditional marker of spring. It was started in the depths of winter, and aged for release to sustain the populace through the rigors of Lenten fasts, which were  certainly more seriously followed in 1400 than Lenten rules are today.

This spring tradition will be re-started in NuLu Saturday, March 26. Bock festivals are still a part of Cincinnati’s festival scene,  Garage Bar general manager Maggie Smith, who moved to Louisville from Cincinnati, thought the idea would be ideal for NuLu. NuLu is the appropriate venue, for that is the location of the curiously named Billy Goat Strut and Nanny Goat Strut alleys – and “bock” is German for “billy goat”. Continue reading NuLu to celebrate spring with bock beer festival