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50 ISSUES of Comings & Goings

[Originally Published in the Winter 2015 issue of Food & Dining Magazine.]

This is Food & Dining’s 50th issue, an occasion we saw fitting to review what has transpired in the dozen or so years this magazine has chronicled restaurants in Louisville and its immediate environs. Those years have seen a time of surging interest in food and drink, and how both are made and prepared. Continue reading 50 ISSUES of Comings & Goings

Continual changes roil the food scene

There’s always something to write about when you are writing about the local restaurant biz. Places close unexpectedly, new ones open, sometimes quickly, and sometimes only after long-wait even after the initial announcements. Long-time fans of quirky places feel bereft when their favorite lunch joint folds, and others with eager appetites are ready to try out the newest arrival, whether a place anchored by a foundation or a food truck rolling here and there. Here is some New Year’s restaurant news, starting with some openings. Continue reading Continual changes roil the food scene