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Comings & Goings — A comprehensive update on the local restaurant scene

[Originally published in the Fall 2017 issue of Food & Dining Magazine]

The past three months have seen much activity in the local restaurant world but not at the higher end of the economic range. All of the fine dining establishments seem to be holding their own with no newcomers to that market and no casualties. Of the 27 restaurants that have opened since the last issue of F&D in May, at least 8 serve ethnic cuisine ranging from Turkish to Somali to Vietnamese. Another nine serve familiar American cuisine — or 12, if you include pizza along with burgers, wings and BBQ as quintessentially American food. A few outliers complete the list of new food businesses — a vegan café, a cereal restaurant, and a chef’s performance/demonstration space. Fifteen restaurants have closed for good, and two other businesses — Louis’s the Ton and Me Gusta Latin Kitchen — didn’t so much close as change their identities in mid stride, to The Butchertown Social and El Barrio Tequila & Whiskey Bar, respectively. And eight multi-outlet businesses closed one or more locations, but they are still serving elsewhere. Continue reading Comings & Goings — A comprehensive update on the local restaurant scene

Restaurants to watch out for

A good way to close out the first half of the year is to make note of the number of proposed restaurants that have been announced in recent weeks, new businesses that have expressed their desire to enter the crowded field with a dining public that seemingly is always interested in new entries. This list is tentative, for in the restaurant biz even more than some other sectors of the economy, there is, as the saying goes, many a slip twixt cup and the lip; that is, a lot of things that could postpone an opening. But, barring anything unseemly happening, here are the restaurant ideas that F&D has heard about: Continue reading Restaurants to watch out for