Volare renovations underway, reopening set for Friday

Volare, the upscale Italian restaurant at 2300 Frankfort Ave., has been closed since Sunday. Aug. 27 for what executive chef and managing partner Josh Moore said was a “light and modern” renovation. When the restaurant reopens Thursday, Aug. 31, Moore will also be offering a remodeled menu, inspired by his recent honeymoon trip to Italy.

The popular restaurant has been open for 13 years. This is the first renovation in that time. Moore had been noticing that, in the daytime, with stronger lighting, things had been showing their use. While the floor plan of the restaurant will not change, diners can expect to see fresh, paint, new lighting, drapes, and carpet. The dining chairs will be replaced with custom designs, and the restrooms will be revamped. The glass divider between the bar and dining room will be replaced with a custom design by a local artist.

The menu will be updated, too, inspired by his trip to Italy last year.  Moore has finally acquired a pasta extruding machine, with 10 dies that will allow him to make in house a wide variety of pasta shapes, and enable him to experiment with flavored pasta doughs, including the sometimes intimidating-looking black squid ink pasta.

When Volare reopens Thursday, Moore will be running a promotion until Oct. 13: all checks will be discounted 13%, a “thank you to our loyal customers of 13 years,” Moore said, which he also hopes will bring in new customers.

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