Wellness Wednesday: 5 Healthy Benefits of Rosemary

In cooking, there is nothing subtle about rosemary, so use it sparingly.  But rosemary has other than culinary uses.

Did you know Rosemary…


In Hamlet, Ophelia, in her “mad scene,” hands out herbs and flowers, giving her brother Laertes springs of rosemary, saying, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.  Pray you love, remember.”  A bit crazed she may be, but rosemary has long been associated with an ability to stimulate memory.  It can boost your morning wake-up, by just inhaling the rich, unmistakable scent of the fresh plant or essential oil, stimulating  memory and elevating your mood .

Scientists have discovered that rosemary contains carnosic acid which has neuroprotective properties.  Research into Alzheimer’s disease suggests that this is a substance that may help postpone the  normal memory loss that happens with aging.

Circulation and hair repair are also benefits of the stimulating properties of rosemary.  A few drops of essential oil or sprigs of fresh Rosemary in the bath can stimulate circulation for a tired, sluggish body.  For scalp rejuvenation and shiny hair simply fill a mason jar with one ounce of fresh rosemary in a pint of hot water, let steep for an hour and use as a final rinse.

Anti-bacterial properties of rosemary and white vinegar make an easy non-toxic cleaning solution.  In a clean jar add ½ cup dried rosemary and 1½ cup white vinegar.  Put the lid on, shake it, and store for two weeks.  Remember to shake it every couple of days and strain with a coffee filter into a spray bottle.  Add 30-50 drops essential oil; choose one or a combination of orange, lemon, peppermint or lavender, and you have a fine kitchen or bath cleaning agent, which will leave the room smelling lovely.